Testimonials - What people say about DRS 2006

Jim Stanley, Virginia Beach USA
Mark, I just wanted to let you know, everything is working perfect on Windows 8! V4 is incredible. I'm having the same thrill about radio that I did years ago when I started my career. Then, when I bought the Standard Package back in 2005 or 6. And, then the Pro Package, and then played with the Enterprise. Each phase gets better! Since I just got the Upgrade License, I know this weekend my bride will be a radio widow. [Cheaper than Golf, she says] This is not just a business tool for me, it's a creative outlet. And, a fun one. Thanks, Stashu

Denny Ayers, RealMusic Radio
Hello, I want to rave about your products ! DRS2006 is awesome! I am getting so many song submissions and requests that I can barely keep up! The software is so easy to use and so very reliable! Also the streaming offered by you is incredible! Thanks for providing the software of my dreams!!!!

Jeffrey Norton, Wisconsin USA
For what its worth, I have been looking at several radio automation solutions and even visited several stations to see what the best product for my needs is over a course of a year. The DRS 2006, I found was by far the best.

Mark Smedley, deadlyproductions.com
I just wanted to say I am now entering my 4th year of DRS 2006 and wanted to say how superb the software is. I have DJ'ed for over 20 years with Vinyl, then CD, and 5 years ago started the ball rolling as an MP3 DJ. I use DRS 2006 at club gigs and wedding and corporate gigs several times per week and it has NEVER, EVER let me down...in fact it has to be one of the most stable pieces of software I use...and I use hundreds literally. Thanks for being a part of my "invisible crew" over the last few years and designing some magnificent software...

Robert L. Pitsch, General Manager WULM Radio
Mark, I'm glad to see that you can look past those who only "play" with DRS 2006 and don't rely on it to actually run a real "commercial" broadcast facility. Let me offer up to you how well DRS 2006 works for us.

We operate an AM Oldies station 24 hours/7 days here in the states. We switched to the music format in August of 2003 and have been using DRS 2006 from day one without any problems. We do stop the music to do local HS sports coverage, College sports games, Sunday church services and even Nascar auto races. When finished with these events we just engage the Events Manager that plays our stopsets at :20, :35 and :50 of each hour, not to mention the legal id at the top of the hour. We also engage the autoplay manager to make sure that other programming from ABC Radio, Westwood One and special oldies show that we get on weekly CD's air when they are required to. And sir...everyting works just GREAT!!! I tell you this so that you can appriciate how well your program handles a somewhat complex use of format. We just don't have DRS 2006 chugging away doing its thing non-stop.

Yes, we do use a third party music scheduler that we heard about in the forum. And for now it works really good too. It would be nice if we could have a voice track modual in place, but like so many of the REAL supporters of DRS 2006, I WILL wait because I am a witness of what can be done with your program without bugs. So keep up the fantastic job.

And sir, please accept my heartfelt thanks for allowing me the opportunity to test the betas of V3. I have it on my laptop that I take into the station everyday, and believe it or not I actually use it when I am on the air live each day 2 til 6pm. I really use the search options the most. It really helps me backtime into network news from the satellite every hour. I can't express just how much it makes my job so much easier to do. So again, thank you for allowing me a chance to really use v3.

Before I go sir, I need to tell you and your crew one more important fact, and that is that when we started with this format back in August of 03 we were 28th in our radio market. We are now 9th in the market and I swear we have climbed even higher. Just waiting for the numbers to come out. So please tell everyone working with you and the development team that this is something we COULD NOT have accomplished without DRS 2006. May God bless all of you for the hard work that you do in working towards a better product than the one I just wrote about. I await like so many others in awe wondering about all the suggestions made into reality.

And while you and the team labors away at all of our dreams, we will continue to rock our little segment of the planet. Thanks again my friend.
PS. If you ever plan to be near Springfield Ohio, look me up.

KNAC.COM, Ozzfest.com

When KNAC.COM got the call to roll out Ozzfest Radio for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, we knew we needed a solution that would meet the demands of one the most well attended tours and respected brands in Heavy Metal. After experiencing most other Automation solutions on the market, we turned to DRS 2006 to fill that demand. With the feature sets, rock stable performance, and unmatched support that DRS 2006 provides, you should be proud to know that there simply is no other option available that competes.

Alan Sykes, voiceoversbysykes.com
Of all the packages I've researched, from the over-priced heights of RSC, Scott Studios, Broadcast Electronics, Studer, etc., down through ENCO, Prophet, Dalet, iMediaTouch, Jutel, AEV, Simian, HardData and all the others even to the toy DJ stuff, your software seems the most attractive proposition for a fully automated two-room local FM radio station like the one we'll be launching in the spring here in south-eastern Spain. So congratulations on the product - and particular compliments on the best-sounding internet streamed audio I've yet come across.

Dave St John (C.E.O.) Xstream1.com, Mediacast1.com, Casterclub.com
"DRS 2006 - Its the difference between driving a Pinto and a Mercedes-Benz, Edge: Mercedes-Benz"

Wayne Cubitt (Manager), hitmusicradio.co.uk
Thank you very much for the help with this matter you have been excellent. We can't stress enough how fantastic your technical support is. I know no other technical support which acts so fast to problems and doesn't take long at sorting them out. You also add a very nice personal touch to your emails which is fantastic. DRS 2006 Rocks! All the best for 2004 from Hit Music Radio Digital UK!


In scrolling your forum boards and reading about the advances to come, I've got to tell you. I don't know what yours and Mark's backgrounds are, but this is the MOST radio friendly software I have ever heard of! Other big name stuff doesn't compare to the integration from the schedulers, to the air - by way of an AUDIO PROCESSOR before it even gets to the analog components!!!

Everything in the digital domain - does it get better than that? Hell no!

Thank you for giving me the REAL ability to create and dominate with hardly any means. 500-600 dollars? Give me a break! You ought to charge twice as much! Those in the know (I have 20+ years in the radio business) would still feel like we were ripping you off! This stuff is UNBELIEVABLE!!

I know a lot of people who will be pissed that I let the cat out of the bag! You under-charge us and we love you for it!

Earl Cogdill, Vancouver Washington USA
I just want to say how much I love the DRS 2006. I have one that run's all the time playing music. It has yet to freeze up, just keeps plugging away. I am not a broadcaster any longer, spent about 20 years in radio in the late 70 's thru the early 90's. Oh, I do have this computer hooked up to a small fm transmitter that broadcasts about 1 block. It keeps the music in the house going without wires all over.

I had to work with those old automation systems and keeping them running was a chore and I do have in my possession a working SMC DP-2 automation system. I saved it from the junk pile. It was hard to see it getting destroyed when I spent so many hours working on it and keeping it going. The only thing I hated about it was that when it crashed, it took hours to get it going again, with all the sub routines and commercial content for the cart machines. Well thanks for your great products!

Bryce Wilson, RadioCoast.com, Gerner USA
I just had to write to you and tell you how impressed I am with your software for DRS-2006 STD 2.0. I've running it for several months now and have encountered relatively few problems. Those that I have, usually ended up being Operator Error (me), or my over expectations of the Standard version vs. the full blown pro version.

I have used most of the major software's...Audio, Digit-Link, TM Century, WaveStation, and for the money, I wouldn't give up my DRS-2006. I enjoy using the software...it's been fun to learn and run on a day-to-day basis.
RadioCoast.com has been running 24/7 for several months and people constantly tell me how smooth it sounds with the segs and the processing, they are TOTALLY amazed when I tell them how I'm doing it. I think it actually embarrasses some of my fellow professional broadcasters LOL!

Keep up the great work...looking forward to seeing what's next from you guys...I just hope the guys at CARP don't mess things up to the point I have to shut down. Thanks again!

Stefan Hensel, Berlin Germany
After being Chief Engineer for the RTL Radio Group for several years, I have collected a lot of experience cooperating with many software companies that specialized in support for radio stations. Many of them you probably know very well ;-) And all of them promise: Satisfaction guaranteed!

Even little bug-fixes of really nagging program errors that may even cause whole systems to crash might take forever! And we talk systems of 300.000.- $ and up!!!

I remember an installation in one of the famous german three-letter-code public service radio stations in east-germany, that had a network- and automation system sitting there for more than ONE YEAR!!!! And the 'full-service-company' could never get it up and running. Like having four Rolls Royces (that's what the total volume of the installation was) in the yard without being able to take them for a spin - brakes don't work :-(

In contrary what these people at DRS do is, I think, quite amazing. I've never seen a company putting such useful stuff together work with such a spirit and ambition!

Please don't forget: We talk software for as little as 600 Bucks!!! I definitely agree, that there's still many things outside, that would be nice to be included. But hey, if we talk about the big, real and professional radio station -- the #1 on the local market, you know, after all that pre-processing with tube amplifiers and compressors, after years of trying to pick the right microphone for the ultimate DJ sound -- who would REALLY want to run the mic thru a crappy PC? .-)

Why not just keep one hand on the good old fader of your main mixer? You better have one -- should the PC @!#$ up and make funny noises or just simply loop his favorite part of the song - over and over till you come in at 4 am and pull the plug... Gee, I guess you know what I'm talking about. Have seen horses throwing up - in front of pharmacies! (stupid ol' German saying ;-)

Just keep in mind that in most of the cases you get what you pay for. And imho in this case you get at least five times your moneys value. So, I think you should think over your approach to radio automation.

When you're used to an attitude like: This is what I need and I want it: NOW! (because, my PD wants it - now...) Then you're probably better of contacting one of the 'big guys', give'em a §$%&#-load of money and -- wait. Just contact me for further information. (I have a black list :-) Otherwise just check what this soft can do for you and if you can live with it. Remember -- these guys are doing an awesome debugging and service job that's worth more than money -- at least for us engineers! But, please -- I think it's not really fair to question the 'professionality' of this software. Probably some other 'professionals' out there in the mud might agree...

Dave Solomon , Winston-Salem USA
As a radio broadcaster with over 20 years of experience in the field of broadcasting, I have seen thel to reel automatione business of radio broadcasting go from 45rpm records to music on cart & re systems. I remember hearing a CD for the first time and being amazed. Then there was CD jukebox systems & computer assisted satellite radio. Finally, technology allowed us to run an entire radio station from a desktop computer... almost maintainance free.

About a year ago, I started my internet radio station, The Hot FM. Needless to say, I needed reliable radio automation. When you search the internet looking for automation, you run into a lot of the same scale systems... 'Control Room & Production Package' only...$17,000! What a deal!! Many tout how reliable and functional they are. Some go as far as making their sound files proprietary to only their systems so you're stuck with them forever. About a year ago with the advent of MP3 technology, new players jumped into the radio automation foray with systems in the $1,000-$2,000 range. Most were of substandard quality and provided a reliability factor of asking a 'baby to drive a car'. Walkaway time was about 20 minutes & many of the newer systems had trouble operating them. Features were pretty slim.

Today, that's pretty much the same story... until now! One day, I was conducting my weekly search for new automation (I had been using one that required that I include my segue time in my filename! Aaagg!), I stumbled upon the DRS 2006 website ( http://www.drs2006.com ). The first thing I noticed were how many features that the software had that I could really use. Variable overlapping files with one sound card, file tagging with 'in points' as well as 'out points', easy browsing access to all my music files... all the features I'd expect from professional automation. (Perhaps I should mention that I use automation in my daily job as PD at a large market Oldies station- so I know what to look for) Then, suddenly... I was blown away. DRS 2006 comes complete with a music scheduler... and a good one too. Obviously based on the old 'card system' that rotate categories and follow clocks, I couldn't believe how functional this was! It had to cost a fortune!! Then I got to the price... it had to be a misprint...$69? Wait, I had to read over it again- $69? I had to download this demo!

Upon download, I could not get over how easy it was to setup and begin operating. Following the instructions was a breeze. I loaded my first hundred songs... setup the clock & I was in business. The first thing I noticed was that it sounded better than the system I had been using. It seemed to add a depth to my MP3 files that I hadn't heard before (I take my audio seriously- processing my station with compressor/limiters, eq & the such). I noticed that it segued beautifully and had a nice GUI interface. I knew I liked the DRS 2006... I had no idea that I was about to love it! The true test of radio automation for me is in it's walkaway reliability. I am a single father of two young sons who I try see every other weekend, therefore, if I want to remain a broadcaster, my automation better be reliable. DRS 2006 fit that bill then some! I leave alone all the time- days without reboots.

If anything, the DRS 2006 proved to me that the crappy little Celeron 333 (no cache) system I built could be reliable for radio automation. Of the dozens I've tried before, nothing compares to this. Even better, I've done it for just $69. So if you were to ask me whether or not to purchase a DRS 2006... I'd have to wonder why you would ask. Obviously, you should. LPFM, Internet Radio, Nightclub Owners, Hobbyists, College Stations- your $69 dollars gets you a system worth thousands.

Ray Walker , Winnipeg Canada
Congratulations ... On what appears to be the "Next Generation" in the world of commercial and internet radio station operation - the DRS 2006 systems. I've just come across your website during my research for a new internet radio station (that we hope to launch by Spring 2001) run directly from my home. I am based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA - the geographical center of North America, and this is the first I have heard about the DRS 2006. I AM TOTALLY IMPRESSED! I'm also shocked by the price point ... for what you receive, I would have expected a much higher price (I would assume that the prices quoted online are in US dollars?). Having spent 25 years in the music business (with over a decade in radio alone), I can honestly say, I'd be hard-pressed to find another system that measures up to the DRS 2006.

Steven Roberts , Energy Radio America, New York USA
I have evaluated at least 30 packages over the past two months. The prices range from $25 to $35,000. DRS 2006 is truly the best package on the market! In June we will broadcast live 24 hours a day!

Bill, Los Angeles California USA
My name is Bill, I am from California USA. You have out done your self with this product. I have been in radio for many years and I was shocked to see this V-CART DECK of yours! The best of all it's free! It sure is strange to have control over a music program with jingles and promos and not have a studio full of verrrrrrrrrry expensive hardware! I will buy this system and put it to good use on a new web based radio station. Good job and keep up the great work and keep making a great product like DRS 2006!

James, 44.1 Creative LTD, Ipswich, Great Britain
I chose your software over many others that I demo'd - congratulations on some fine coding - and I am VERY picky. There is a good reason I'm so picky - and I can't help feeling I could be of use to you. I have been in broadcasting, breakfast shows, actually, for 13 years. Five of those years as program controller. 7 of those years using radio software. Master Control, Encodad, Barrcode, Selector, you name it I have programmed it and used it on air. My secondary business is my successful commercial production studio www.441creative.com which has now expanded to computer support and supply. Oh, and one of my best mates builds radio stations for a business.This is not some sales pitch by the way - I love radio, I like your radio software and I have some great suggestions to enhance it and hopefully break the industry out of the notion that it has to spend £20,000 on automation. Simple as that. You could be competing with those 'big' guys quite easily. Any way - you know where I am if required! Continued success - you deserve it.

Volker & Michael, Allaudio GmbH/EchtRadio GmbH, Germany
On Monday the 17th of April 2000 we will finally start our new 'real' internet radio echtradio! www.echtradio.de. In June we will broadcast live 24 hours a day! AND WE ARE USING THE SENSATIONAL SOFTWARE DRS 2006! REAL GREAT! After weeks of testing we are as satisfied as you can be! THIS IS IT! Now we want to praise the work of your developers. With every update there are really awesome improvements in the program. Thank you for this great invention! We would be happy if you put us on your reference list.

Chris, Westwindmedia, Denver USA
We've been building playlists and testing the player for a while, and we are very impressed with everything it is capable of doing. The user interface is excellent and the built-in features are outstanding. 

Timon Reinhard , Netnoise, Mossautal Germany
Hi DRS 2006 - Team! Everybody from the internet station netnoise (http://www.netnoise.de) wants to say thank you for your brilliant product DRS 2006. We are using the DRS 2006 Standard Package which fits to us perfectly. And all this for a price which does not blow up the budget of a non-profit radio station! We have been searching for such a software for a long time now. We really made a lucky shot with DRS 2006. Finally a software which orientates itself on the needs of a modern radio station.

Adam, Radio Omega, Chicago USA
Radio Omega is running right now in shuffle mode and I'm learning the secrets of DRS 2006 and as soon as I will get it everything right, the station will run with all it's power. I'm talking right now with Jeff about some sweepers. He's a great guy and so great voice !!! Well I'm still working on perfecting of some things and working with some recording companies to receive more and faster euro dance from Europe. So there is a lot of things still to do. I hope very soon Radio Omega will be much better than today and what can I say without DRS 2006 I can't imagine to do anything !! Seriously !! I was looking for this type software for a long time and your software meet all my inquiries and more and still it is not to complicate to operate! So even I can operate it :))

Bill, 100.9 The Cover USA
It seemed like every where I searched for a good automation program for my little radio station lead me to wander to the next program out there. I was beginning to feel like road-kill. Then I found DRS 2006 which gave me a life again. Thank you! (I don't work for those guys or get paid to endorse them). I have done corporate radio for many years before starting my own and I swear you won't get better service when it comes to tech-support and a will not surrender attitude to solving the problem.

Christian, Paris France
Hi! I'm from Paris France..... And I just want to say thank you for your incredible soft.....I'm working in radio since 18 years now and I really appreciate DRS 2006! What a job!!!

Scott, The Worldwide Radio Network, Vinemont USA

I have been a DJ for many years and have used two turntables and a mike then actually switched to CD's (because I had no choice:-) ) but now with your automation cart I just cannot believe the ease and quality of your product! It's just awesome! Keep up the great work. Can't wait till I can use the full program on our webcast show starting New Years Eve. Please send the registration # as soon as you can ... I just can't wait. I actually was trying to use use winamp plugins to do a mix job for mp3's but that was just wasted time trying to get a quality sound out like I am used to doing.